Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Root and Install CWM Recovery on Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 and T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919

There are great custom development activities going round theSamsung Galaxy S4. The phone has just been released and our developers are already up to crack the nut by devising new and easier methods to root the phone and install a custom recovery on it. If you  are making a debut in Android environment with this super smartphone, you might be curious as to why you should root your Galaxy S4.
Having rooted your device and installed CWM recovery on it, you will be able to install not only dozens of useful apps that can enhance the productivity and performance of your phone, but backup your phone’s ROM and flash custom ROMs and mods also.
To help you further with making a decision on rooting your Android device, we have written a detailed article that sheds light on all aspects of the business. Click the below link to read it.
This is my fourth tutorial on rooting the different variants of the Samsung Galaxy S4. Since our previous tutorial on rooting Sprint and T-Mobile Galaxy S4 did not include a custom recovery, we are here again with a complete guide that will help you root and install ClockworkMod recovery on your SPH-L720 (Sprint)  and SGH-M919 (T-Mobile).

Attention- T-Mobile S4 Users!!

If you have recently updated your T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 to M919UVUAMDB or M919UVUAMDL (check it from Settings> More> About)  OTA  release, please be noted that the root method given here might not work for you. The reason why it does not work is because T-Mobile has added a SetUID restriction on the kernel. However, you need not worry as XDA member mattlgroff  has come up with a workaround for this. He has released a custom kernel that removes SetUID restriction.
Note : You can download the  M919UVUAMDL firmware on which the root works here:
So, here is how you can root your SGH-M919:
  1. Download this kernel (do not extract):
  2. Download the rooting package:
  3. Copy it to your phone’s internal or external SD card storage.
  4. Also copy the SuperUser zip from below and copy to your phone.
  5. Install the CWM recovery using the steps given below first.
  6. When you boot the device after installing ClockworkMod recovery, install the “” file using “install zip from sdcard” option first.
  7. And then flash the

Getting Ready

Remember, that the procedure described below is safe as long as you are careful and obedient to the rules of the game that also involves making some preparatory steps.
  • Download the Odin3 tool and unzip it on your desktop: Odin3-V3.07.Zip
  • Download the corresponding CWM Recovery for your Sptint/T-Mobile Galaxy S4: 

  • Download the rooting package and copy to your Galaxy S4′s  SD card storage (internal or external) by connecting the device to PC via USB cable: SuperSU-V1.25+.Zip
  • Make sure you have installed either Samsung USB Drivers or Kies on your PC.
  • Check that your Galaxy S4 has more than 50% battery left on it. If not, plug in the charger.
  • Enable “Developer Options” on your phone and turn on USB Debugging from your phone’s Settings> Developer options. If you do not know how to make “Developer Options” appear, read This Tutorial.

Rooting and Installing CWM on Galaxy S4

Please note that the following rooting procedure is applicable only to Sprint Galaxy S4 SPH-L720 and T-Mobile Galaxy S4 SGH-M919. Trying it on any other model of Galaxy S4 might turn your device into a shiny paperweight. If you are not sure about your phone model, you can find it from Settings> About.
If you have made all required preparations, just follow the following steps:
  1. Boot your Galaxy S4 into Download mode by turning it off holding down the Volume Down + Home + Power buttons for about 3-4 seconds till the screen turns up and you see a warning screen. Now press Volume Up key to enter Download mode.Galaxy-s4-download-mode
  2. Open the directory where you unzipped Odin3 and launch the program by double clicking it.
  3. Now pull out the back cover of your device as we’ll have to remove the battery (very quickly)  later.
  4. It’s time now to connect your phone to computer via USB cable and wait till the ID:COM box turns blue and you see “Added!!” at the message box.
  5. Now click the PDA button on Odin and select the CWM recovery file with .tar extension you download earlier.
  6. This step differs for Sprint and T-Mobile variants:
    • for Sprint Galaxy S4: Make sure that only “Auto Reboot” and “F Reset Time” options are selected on Odin.
    • for T-Mobile Galaxy S4: Check “Auto Reboot”, and uncheck  all other options.
  7. Finally click the Start button on Odin and let the installation finish followed by PASS!! message.
  8. As soon as you see the “PASS!!” message, pull out the phone’s battery before it boots. Wait for about 30 seconds and place the battery back to its place. Disconnect the USB cable.
  9. CWM Recovery has now been installed on your phone but it is still not rooted. To root it, we’ll install the SuperUser app via CWM.
  10. Boot the device into recovery mode: hold down Volume Up, Home and Power buttons at the same time and keep them pressed till you see the Samsung logo. Now let the Power key go off but keep other 2 keys pressed  till you see a screen like shown below. In recovery mode, use the Volume and Power keys to navigate between options and select them.clockwormod-recovery-galaxy-s4
  11. Sprint Users: Now go to “install zip from sdcard> choose zip from sdcard” using volume keys and select the “” file using Power button.
  12. T-Mobile Users: Go to “install zip from sdcard” and install  “”. When it is flashed, install “”  file the same way.
  13. Select “yes” when asked and wait till installation is done.
  14. Now go back and select “reboot system now”.
Your Sprint/T-Mobile Galaxy S4 will reboot and it might take a little longer time than usual before it boots up. You should be now be able to see a new app called “SuperSU”  in your phone’s app drawer. Open this app and update the binary if prompted. You can verify the root access on your device by installing the Root Checker app from the market.


  1. Hello... Greatly appreciated if you could help because I'm following your steps exactly. However when I try to boot into recovery mode I do not get the "install zip from sdcard" option.

    I uploaded a photo of what I get. You can see it here:

    Any idea what I'm doing wrong? I can confirm everything else was successful and that SuperUser app is installed now but I'm not rooted.

    Greatly appreciated

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